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Advent­top­pen: a moun­tain hike oppo­si­te Lon­gye­ar­by­en as inter­ac­ti­ve Pano­Tour

Tech­ni­cal Info

Once you have star­ted the vir­tu­al tour, you can eit­her use the map in the lower left cor­ner to navi­ga­te insi­de the hut, or the bar at the bot­tom, or click on sym­bols wit­hin the panos to enter the next one (only while the next loca­ti­on is visi­ble, not always avail­ab­le). Or you can just let it play and it will auto­ma­ti­cal­ly switch to the next pano after one tur­naround. You can switch the sound off (upper right cor­ner) if you wish, same with the explana­to­ry text.

You can also view this vir­tu­al tour on iPads and other tablets if they are power­ful enough and have an up-to-date sys­tems soft­ware. On desk­top sys­tems, you can use both HTML5 or Flash.


  1. Advent­top­pen: get­ting the­re
  2. Advent­top­pen: the peak (I)
  3. Advent­top­pen: the peak (II)

Some addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on about the indi­vi­du­al pla­ces:

Advent­top­pen: get­ting the­re

On the north side of Advent­fjord, oppo­si­te Lon­gye­ar­by­en, the­re are the two beau­ti­ful moun­tains Advent­top­pen and Hiorthfjel­let. Both tops offer ama­zing views and are gre­at desti­na­ti­ons for good hikes. In sum­mer, get­ting the­re is not easy, as you eit­her have to arran­ge boat trans­fer over the fjord or you have to hike across Advent­da­len, inclu­ding a chal­len­ging cros­sing of the river the­re. In win­ter, it is much easier and quicker to get the­re with ski or snow mobi­le. You can easi­ly dri­ve not only to the foot of the moun­tain, but actual­ly to an alti­tu­de of almost 400 m, whe­re a litt­le hut with big satel­li­te dis­hes („Tele­lin­ken“) makes sure Lon­gye­ar­by­en gets pro­per TV.

From the­re, it is a steep slo­pe up to a ridge whe­re you have to deci­de if you want to go up Advent­top­pen or Hiorthfjel­let. In sum­mer, loo­se rock slabs make the slo­pe a chal­len­ge, and in win­ter, hard snow has a simi­lar effect. Light cram­pons are gre­at to make the ascent easier and safer.

Advent­top­pen: the peak (I)

A ridge is lea­ding up to Advent­top­pen, whe­re a cairn is mar­king the hig­hest point (786 m). Advent­top­pen is not as high as the neigh­bou­ring moun­tain Hiorthfjel­let, but it has actual­ly got bet­ter views as it does not have a pla­teau on top, but a smal­ler peak so you have got the view to all direc­tions from one spot.

The eas­tern hori­zon stret­ches from Hanas­kog­da­len (north) to Hiorthfjel­let and to the wide val­ley of Advent­da­len. Across Advent­fjord, you have a com­ple­te over­view of Lon­gye­ar­by­en and the sur­roun­ding moun­tains and of Hotell­ne­set with the air­port and camp­si­te.

Advent­top­pen: the peak (II)

At the same time, you have got a full view to the west to the mouth of Isfjord, so you can enjoy gre­at sun­sets. Even mid-day if you come in mid Febru­a­ry.


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