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Sorgfjord: Magdalenafjellet


Sorgfjord is a beautiful area for hiking. The northern part of Magdalenafjellet can be reached relatively easily with a bit of stamina and surefootedness.

It is a walk of several kilometres across the coastal plain, covered with old raised beaches. This area can be quite wet, especially in the early summer. Then, you pass this little incised river valley. A lovely place to have an extended rest 🙂

Getting to a place that provides views like this is not for everybody, but energetic hikers will certainly not experience this as technically difficult. This is the northern part of the mountain Magdalenafjellet, which stretches for several kilometres in a north-south direction. Other parts are also accessible, but they are more difficult. The steeper slopes are generally covered with loose rocks derived from frost-shatter and they are quite challenging. The Arctic is pathless terrain. But the view is worth all the effort! Of course, you need the weather on your side …

Three variations of the view over Sorgfjord as seen from the northern part of Magdalenafjellet.


last modification: 2018-01-01 · copyright: Rolf Stange