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Norway - Bear Island - Spitsbergen with SV Meander, 25.4.-8.5.2022

Part 3: Spitsbergen

SV Meander 2022: Map Spitzbergen


Final­ly we had reached Spits­ber­gen, and we still had a cou­p­le of days to explo­re the beau­ty of the fjords on the west coast. Some of the bays were still fro­zen solid and the land is still snow-cove­r­ed. Altog­e­ther, this did not actual­ly incre­a­se our free moving space, but it gave us beau­ti­ful impres­si­ons of the arc­tic win­ter, some­thing you may not in the first place asso­cia­te with ship-based tra­vel­ling in the Arc­tic.

SV Meander 2022, Van Mijenfjord

SV Mean­der at the fast ice edge in Van Mijen­fjord.

Alrea­dy on our first walk ashore we met a polar bear, which didn’t pay much atten­ti­on to us. He (or she) hard­ly tur­ned his head our way, but con­ti­nued his end­less migra­ti­on, just showing us in a peace­ful way who real­ly is at home the­re.

A lot of ice, drif­ting and solid, a beau­ti­ful pas­sa­ge under sail, ano­t­her polar bear under the mid­ni­ght sun (hid­den by clouds, though), snow-cove­r­ed tun­dra, rein­de­er, a visit to the old and aban­do­ned Rus­si­an sett­le­ment of Cole­s­buk­ta and the wide-open, beau­ti­ful bay oc Borebuk­ta roun­ded the­se beau­ti­ful days off.

Pho­to­gal­le­ry: Spits­ber­gen

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