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Gallery 9: Bellsund and Isfjord

From Polish scientists to a Russian ghost settlement. Tundra hikes, glaciers and old mining places in between

Diver­si­fied impres­si­ons during the last days in the fjords of Spitsbergen’s cen­tral west coast. Some went hiking in Recher­chefjord, dis­co­ve­ring old huts and a gla­cier lagoon, even encoun­tering a group of Belugas, while others are mee­ting a group of Polish sci­en­tists. Some of their results, as we saw them black on white on the table in Calyp­so­by­en, can be found online, by the way.

It would be well worth spen­ding a week in Isfjord, which is Spitsbergen’s lar­gest and most varied fjord. But you can mana­ge a lot alre­a­dy in two days. Wide tun­dra and colourful sce­n­ery in Ekm­anfjord, one of Spitsbergen’s most beau­tiful natu­ral bota­ni­cal gar­dens in Skans­buk­ta and a brush with the east in Pyra­mi­den, whe­re Sov­jet archi­tec­tu­re in the midd­le of beau­tiful arc­tic sce­n­ery pro­vi­des high­ly inte­res­t­ing con­trasts. Under sail, SV Anti­gua is moving towards Lon­gye­ar­by­en, whe­re the voya­ge is then coming to its end.

Bell­sund and Isfjord


Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

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