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Gallery 2: the north

The north


Final­ly we went north, the­re was still some wind and sea, but tole­ra­ble. In exchan­ge, we got our first polar bear sightin­gs in the nor­thwest, and then, the wea­ther was real­ly on our side for a while. The pas­sa­ge of the north coast was very plea­sant. It was even calm enough to go ashore on the outer point of Gråhu­ken, some­thing that brought us a walk on one of Spitsbergen’s nort­hern­most beaches and we learnt that you can find nice Devo­ni­an fos­sils not only in theo­ry, but actual­ly also in real life once you start loo­king in the right pla­ces. And while some were hap­py with frut­ti di mare which had been dead for some 350 mil­li­on years, others went fishing and got the fres­hest and nicest fish you can ima­gi­ne, pro­vi­ding some nice meals strai­ght from the local natu­re.

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New book

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