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The glacier Elfenbeinbreen (“Ivory glacier”) was crossed for the first time by Martin Conway as part of his route to the east coast in 1896. Not much is left of what Conway gave the proud name „Ivory gate“: large areas where Conway hiked over snow and ice have now turned into immense moraine landscapes. The first two panoramas illustrate the moraine on the west side.

The western moraine of Elfenbeinbreen (1).

The Elfenbeinbreen moraine on the west side of the glacier (2).

The lower part of Elfenbeinbreen is by now cut off from the main glacier by a large meltwater river and accordingly dead: without connection to the glacier that delivers the ice, it will slowly melt and turn into a muddy moraine landscape.



The moraine landscape on the east side of Elfenbeinbreen is huge and it is growing and growing while the glacier is shrinking due to climate change. From its hills you have great views into Agardhdalen and towards the east coast in Agardhbukta. In clear weather, you can even see Edgeøya in the distance



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