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With SV Antigua to north Spitsbergen and to the ice edge, 31 May - 08 June 2024

Triplog and photos

SV Antigua, Spitsbergen 2024

With SV Anti­gua in the ice north of Spits­ber­gen.

With SV Anti­gua to north Spits­ber­gen and to the ice – 31 May – 08 June 2024

With SV Anti­gua to the ice and Spitsbergen’s wild­life – that was the idea, and that is what we did and got 🙂 we went up north, to the ice edge at 80°31’N, and then step by step south again along the west coast, into Raud­fjord, the nor­thwest cor­ner, Kross­fjord, Kongsfjord, For­lands­und and Isfjord. The wea­ther was never real­ly bad and often real­ly good, so were the spi­rits and board and the wild­life was the­re. In other words, we had a real­ly gre­at time!

SV Antigua, Spitzbergen 2024, map

With SV Anti­gua to the ice: map.

Here, you can down­load the tri­plogs and fur­ther down on this page youn will find links to three pages with pho­to coll­ec­tions from the various legs of this jour­ney.

Tri­plog: with SV Anti­gua to north Spits­ber­gen and the ice

The­re are two ver­si­ons. The con­tent is iden­ti­cal, the dif­fe­rence is the file size and hence print qua­li­ty. The text is Ger­man.

Don’t for­get the spe­ci­es list, com­pi­led by Rafa­el.

Pho­to gal­le­ries: with SV Anti­gua to north Spits­ber­gen and the ice

For bet­ter over­view, I have sor­ted the pho­to coll­ec­tions into three dif­fe­rent gal­le­ries, each one on its own page in chro­no­lo­gi­cal order as the voya­ge pro­gres­sed



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