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The land­scape in cen­tral and sou­thern Nor­dens­ki­öld Land has its own charme. Nar­row, cur­ved val­leys such as Toda­len and Gang­da­len. And then Reind­a­len, Spitsbergen’s big­gest ice-free val­ley, whe­re you get an impres­si­on of infi­ni­te spaces (and wind …). Unfort­u­na­te­ly, we could hard­ly see any­thing during the trip over Slak­breen and Gruv­fon­na, the usu­al rou­te to Sveagru­va, becau­se the clouds were low. But what we saw was the more char­ming. Abs­tract lines. Natu­ral arti­stry.

Svea Nord is whe­re Nor­we­gi­an mining is going on the­se days, and this, fol­lo­wed by a road built on a gla­cier and the actu­al mining sett­le­ment Sveagru­va, are not aes­the­ti­cal high­lights in Spitsbergen’s natu­re, but an indus­tri­al land­scape. Wha­te­ver you think of coal mining in the arc­tic: this is inte­res­t­ing to see and cer­tain­ly a chan­ge from gla­ciers and white, snow-cover­ed moun­ta­ins.

(Svea Nord was clo­sed in 2015 and the fol­lo­wing years. You can visit Svea Nord and the who­le coal mining com­plex of Sveagru­va digi­tal­ly on this web­site).

The hut at Blåhu­ken in Van Mijenfjord woke up some emo­ti­ons of nost­al­gia, from a long ski trip in 2001 and a num­ber of cold nights.

It was real­ly cold, and alre­a­dy then the hut wasn’t in good shape any­mo­re …

spits­ber­gen sveagru­va (gal­lery)

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