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Harefjord („Hare Bay“) is the inner­most branch of Scores­by­sund, fur­thest to the west and nea­rest to the Inland Ice – tog­e­ther with Ves­t­fjord a bit fur­ther south, but this one is usual­ly so packed with gla­cier ice that it is not navigab­le. Harefjord is usual­ly open and pas­sa­ge is easy. The­re are two gla­ciers with cal­ving ice cliffs at its head. They cer­tain­ly are not Greenland’s lar­gest or most acti­ve gla­ciers, but both of them are beau­ties, com­ing down from the near­by inland ice, which is towe­ring just behind and abo­ve them.

The slo­pes around inner Harefjord are most­ly pret­ty steep, but not too steep for the occa­sio­nal patch of tun­dra every here and the­re, giving musko­xen and the name­gi­ving Sno­wy hare space to live and to roam around. And as almost always in Green­land, you can only reg­ret silent­ly that time is usual­ly more or less limi­ted, becau­se it would be easy to spend some days with fan­tastic hikes in Harefjord, on the bounda­ry bet­ween Scores­by­sund as one of the world’s lar­gest fjord sys­tems and the very inland ice of Green­land.



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