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360 degree panorama and some info about geology and fossils

Meod­den, Edgeøya – vir­tu­al pan­or­amic tour

Meod­den is on the north side of Edgeøya. From here, we have got a gre­at views of the typi­cal land­s­cape around Free­man­sund. Care is nee­ded as it is not unusu­al that a polar bear is roa­ming around some­whe­re near Meod­den or else­whe­re in Free­man­sund. If you are lucky, you can find fos­sils from the Tri­as­sic here: ammo­ni­tes or even remains of lar­ge mari­ne ver­te­bra­te ani­mals – mari­ne “dino­saurs” (the term is not tech­ni­cal­ly cor­rect here, strict­ly spea­king) such as plio­saurs or ple­sio­saurs. So you have to remem­ber that the who­le area is part of the Sou­the­ast Sval­bard Natu­re Reser­ve and it is not allo­wed to collect fos­sils. But it is allo­wed to look for them and to enjoy them in situ, as long as you lea­ve them as you found them.


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