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Polar Essays of the Arctic

Various authors · Editors: Monika Schillat & Ian Stone · Publisher: Editorial Fuegia · Ushuaia, 2007

Book Cover Polar Essays of the Arctic

ISBN 978-987-05-3490-7 · 243 pages, 820 g, 22.5 x 17 cm, Hard­co­ver, Num­e­rous b/w pho­to­graphs

Curr­ent­ly out of stock. Pos­t­edi­ti­on uncer­tain.

Con­tents Polar Essays of the Arc­tic:

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Rolf Stan­ge: The Devil’s Golf Balls (con­cre­ti­ons: geo­lo­gi­cal phe­no­me­na in Franz Josef Land and else­whe­re)
  • Troels Jacob­sen: A Fab­led Island in the Distance. Or is it a rock in the midd­le of nowhe­re? True sto­ries about Kol­bein­sey (about the nor­t­hern­most pie­ce of Ice­land)
  • Rolf Stan­ge: The Devil’s Island: Jan May­en
  • Del­phi­ne Aurés: The Last Polar Bears?
  • Elke Lind­ner: The Sval­bard “Flat-nosed” Reinde­er
  • Troels Jacob­sen: Sounds from the Deep. Insights into the acou­stic world of blue wha­les and sperm wha­les
  • Peter Bal­win: Birds of the Euro­pean Arc­tic: their life in ice and tun­dra
  • Pie­ro Bosco: Ita­li­ans in the Arc­tic. The Expe­di­ti­ons in the renais­sance, bet­ween legend and histo­ry
  • Lou­w­rens Hac­q­ue­bord: Dutch Wha­ling and Wha­ling Sites in the Arc­tic
  • The Legend of the “Sval­bard-dog” (From Sir Mar­tin Con­way, No Man’s Land)
  • Rolf Stan­ge: Dra­ma in the Kob­befjord (the tra­ge­dy of Simon­sen and Møkle­by, Dan­s­køya (Spits­ber­gen), 1922)
  • Moni­ka Schil­lat: A Visit to Hau­de­gen Sta­ti­on on Nord­aus­t­lan­det. The Wea­ther War in Sval­bard.
  • Ko de Kor­te: A Win­ter with Polar Bears. Net­her­lands Spits­ber­gen Expe­di­ti­on 1968-69
  • Chris­ti­an Glah­der: A Visit to a remo­te Hun­ting Sett­le­ment in East Green­land
  • Val­eska Schau­dy: Arc­tic Rese­arch in a Lobs­ter Shell. The Sval­bard Sci­ence Cent­re
  • Phil­ipp Schau­dy: When the White Bear comes
  • Peter Bal­win: Tra­ve­ling North


Various expert aut­hors con­tri­bu­ted within their respec­ti­ve fields of know­ledge to this coll­ec­tion of arc­tic­les on a ran­ge of dif­fe­rent sub­jects, cove­ring the bio­lo­gy of arc­tic wild­life, adven­ture sto­ries and some rather unknown aspects of polar histo­ry, the descrip­ti­on of rather odd places such as Kol­bein­sey and Jan May­en other topics of arc­tic inte­rest.

Curr­ent­ly out of stock. Pos­t­edi­ti­on uncer­tain.


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