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Polar Essays of the Arctic

Various authors · Editors: Monika Schillat & Ian Stone · Publisher: Editorial Fuegia · Ushuaia, 2007

Book Cover Polar Essays of the Arctic

ISBN 978-987-05-3490-7 · 243 pages, 820 g, 22.5 x 17 cm, Hardcover, Numerous b/w photographs

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Contents Polar Essays of the Arctic:

  • Introduction
  • Rolf Stange: The Devil’s Golf Balls (concretions: geological phenomena in Franz Josef Land and elsewhere)
  • Troels Jacobsen: A Fabled Island in the Distance. Or is it a rock in the middle of nowhere? True stories about Kolbeinsey (about the northernmost piece of Iceland)
  • Rolf Stange: The Devil’s Island: Jan Mayen
  • Delphine Aurés: The Last Polar Bears?
  • Elke Lindner: The Svalbard “Flat-nosed” Reindeer
  • Troels Jacobsen: Sounds from the Deep. Insights into the acoustic world of blue whales and sperm whales
  • Peter Balwin: Birds of the European Arctic: their life in ice and tundra
  • Piero Bosco: Italians in the Arctic. The Expeditions in the renaissance, between legend and history
  • Louwrens Hacquebord: Dutch Whaling and Whaling Sites in the Arctic
  • The Legend of the “Svalbard-dog” (From Sir Martin Conway, No Man’s Land)
  • Rolf Stange: Drama in the Kobbefjord (the tragedy of Simonsen and Møkleby, Danskøya (Spitsbergen), 1922)
  • Monika Schillat: A Visit to Haudegen Station on Nordaustlandet. The Weather War in Svalbard.
  • Ko de Korte: A Winter with Polar Bears. Netherlands Spitsbergen Expedition 1968-69
  • Christian Glahder: A Visit to a remote Hunting Settlement in East Greenland
  • Valeska Schaudy: Arctic Research in a Lobster Shell. The Svalbard Science Centre
  • Philipp Schaudy: When the White Bear comes
  • Peter Balwin: Traveling North


Various expert authors contributed within their respective fields of knowledge to this collection of arcticles on a range of different subjects, covering the biology of arctic wildlife, adventure stories and some rather unknown aspects of polar history, the description of rather odd places such as Kolbeinsey and Jan Mayen other topics of arctic interest.

Currently out of stock. Postedition uncertain.


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