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Spitsbergen with SV Antigua, 11-22 September 2018

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Spits­ber­gen under sail: with SV Anti­gua up to 80 degrees

A voya­ge into the light of the Arc­tic – some of the most beau­ti­ful parts of Spits­ber­gen at a time when sun­sets bring the magic of warm light back to the cold land­s­cape. This is what we were hoping for and it is exact­ly what we got. As always, a lot depends on the wea­ther, and this time king Nep­tu­ne or whoever is respon­si­ble was real­ly on our side. Enjoy fol­lowing in our wake by cli­cking through the pho­to gal­le­ries and having a look at the triplog (Ger­man only, sor­ry)!

The triplog is avail­ab­le here:

By cli­cking on pla­ce­n­a­mes with links in the pho­to gal­le­ries, you will access pages with 360 degree pan­ora­ma pho­tos of the­se pla­ces, so can tra­vel the­re again online without any cos­ts or get­ting cold 🙂

Foto­al­bum – Spits­ber­gen SV Anti­gua, 11-22 Sep­tem­ber 2018

Click on thumb­nail to get the cor­re­spon­ding gal­le­ry.


By the way:

New book

my new book is in print and it can now be orde­red 🙂 it is a pho­to book with the tit­le “Nor­we­gens ark­ti­scher Nor­den (3): Die Bären­in­sel und Jan May­en”, with Ger­man text Click here for fur­ther details!


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