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Gothavika, Martinodden

360° panorama

Mar­tin­od­den ist a small head­land on the sou­thwest coast of Edgeøya. It is part of an area of several squa­re kilo­me­tres that has a seri­es of small capes, bays and islands. This area con­sists of dia­bas, a basalt-like kind of rock. The sou­thern­most one of the­se bays is Habe­nicht­buk­ta, the nort­hern­most one is Got­ha­vi­ka, a name given by August Peter­mann from Gotha (Thu­rin­gia, Ger­ma­ny) in the 19th cen­tu­ry.

We can see Got­ha­vi­ka to the north (under the clouds) in this pan­ora­ma. The­re is ano­t­her bay on the oppo­si­te side, which is unna­med. It is part of Ekroll­ham­na, natu­ral har­bour that con­sists of several bays. But this natu­ral „har­bour“ is so shal­low that it is part­ly unnavigab­le even for Zodiacs, at least at low tide, and some of the bays are com­ple­te­ly inac­ces­si­ble.

Pan­ora­ma – Got­ha­vi­ka, Mar­tin­od­den

Mar­tin­od­den and Ekroll­ham­na are named after Mar­tin Ekroll, a Nor­we­gi­an hun­ter who win­te­red on his boat in Ekroll­ham­na in 1895-96.

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