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Sassendalen (-valley) ist one of Spitsbergen’s largest, unglaciated valleys, leading from Rabotbreen towards Sassenfjord, which is the elongation of the valley. It is easy to imagine how both were filled by one and the same large glacier during the ice age. Today, the central part of the very wide, flat valley bottom of Sassendalen is filled by the huge river Sassenelva. But other than reindeer, who comes here in the summer to see it?

Things are different in wintertime, when Sassendalen is one of the most frequently-used snow mobile routes. It can be part of the route to Tempelfjord, to Pyramiden or to the east coast. Often, Sassendalen is quickly traversed en route to one or the other of these places, but it is more than worthwhile to stop and spend some time here, as these panoramas will show!

Panoramas Sassendalen

  1. Eskerfossen
  2. Brattlidalen (PanoTour)   * NEW


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