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Sysselmannen recommends new coal mine

The new mine that the Norwegian coal mining company SNSK is planning at Lunckefjellet, between Reindalen and Sveagruva, has taken a major step towards its realization: After a public hearing and internal consideration, the Sysselmannen has recommended the project for approval under certain conditions. The final decision will be made by the Norwegian environmental ministry.

With the new mine, SNSK wants to continue mining at Sveagruva beyond 2013. The coal seams currently mined are now diminishing both in quantity and quality. The new project will include a road between the settlement Sveagruva and Lunckefjellet across glaciated terrain.

The Sysselmannen recommends the following environmental conditions:

  • After completing mining, all installations etc. are to be removed and the untouched wilderness character is to be restored.
  • Control of dust emissions.
  • Shipping without use of heavy oil.
  • Disturbance of wildlife and pollution of near-by Nordenskiöld Land National Park are to be avoided.
  • Strict control on use of chemicals.
  • Monitoring, control and reporting schemes.

Sysselmannen recommends new coal mine

Source: Sysselmannen


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