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Part 1: Tromsø, Finnkroken, Skjervøy, Nord-Lenangen

North Norway with SV Antigua, 2019: Tromsø-Lofoten-Bodø

The voyage on Antigua began on Sunday, October 27. The photos in the first gallery were taken the day before. The northern lights saturday evening were just too good to not be included here, and I think, everybody was already in Tromsø that night. I took these photos from the mountain Fløyen, which is next to Tromsø and can easily be reached by bus and cablecar also in the evening.

Gallery: Tromsø

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Then we boarded Antigua on Sunday evening. It started big-time rightaway with northern lights before we even left the pier! And there were more lateron as we sailed north and even more as we went alongside in Finnkroken, were we took the opportunity for an evening walk. It turned out to be a great surprise, with a very friendly welcome by the owner, a lovely evening walk in the forest following a path marked with torches and a private visit to the historical trading post. Thank you very much, JM Hansen!

The weather at Skjervøy was, unfortunately, not what we had been hoping for, so we got some arctic sailing rather than whalewatching. Well, it was also an experience to hoist the sails in drifting snow! And we also got to stretch legs a bit in lovely winter atmosphere in Nord-Lenangen later that day.

Gallery: Tromsø, Finnkroken, Skjervøy, Nord-Lenangen

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