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film production: Nicht der Süden (Not the south)

No, Spits­ber­gen is real­ly »Nicht der Süden«, which is »Not the south« and all of you who have somehow made it to this page will be awa­re of this. So, what does this mean? It means that a film pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny from Ber­lin, cal­led Mons­ta­mo­vies, went to Spits­ber­gen in late July/early August 2008 to pro­du­ce the last out of 4 parts of »Nicht der Süden«. Taking part in this ope­ra­ti­on were the writers/actors Kirs­ten Fuchs and Vol­ker Strü­bing from Ber­lin, a huge pile of tech­ni­cal equip­ment and the staff to hand­le it all, a 30 met­re small woo­den ship, an eclip­se and of cour­se Spits­ber­gen. And yes, they said they had a script. And Ute Gutt­kow­ski and me as to peo­p­le who know Spits­ber­gen and who would make sure that the polar bears would not eat Kirs­ten or Vol­ker or any­bo­dy else invol­ved.

The result can be seen in spring 2009 on Ger­man tele­vi­si­on (3sat). Four times 45 minu­tes, start­ing in Den­mark, con­ti­nuing to the Farö­er Islands, Ice­land, Jan May­en and finis­hing in Spits­ber­gen. Much more shall not be told here. Only that a book about this exci­ting voya­ge is alre­a­dy in pro­cess of being writ­ten − no, not by me this time, but by Kirs­ten and Vol­ker, as wri­ting is some­thing they do excel­lent­ly, as any­bo­dy will know who is fami­li­ar with the »Ber­li­ner Lese­büh­ne«, which is the writer’s sce­ne in Ber­lin.

Spits­ber­gen some­ti­mes with sun …

Not the south

And com­ra­de Lenin tog­e­ther with com­ra­des polar bear guards in Pyra­mi­den.

And comrade Lenin together with comrades polar bear guards in Pyramiden

… and some­ti­mes wit­hout. And that in the midd­le of the mid­night sun peri­od!

... and sometimes without. And that in the middle of the midnight sun period!

The who­le thing will obvious­ly be in Ger­man, but defi­ni­te­ly worth rea­ding and see­ing for ever­yo­ne who can under­stand it. I will publish the broad­cas­ting dates here as soon as I know them. If you want to, I can also noti­fy you via email, just send me a mes­sa­ge.


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High seas on the way to the arc­tic



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