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Gal­le­ry 2: From Mag­da­le­n­efjord to Mof­fen

The start into this sec­tion couldn’t have been any bet­ter: the sun com­ing out behind the moun­tains in Mag­da­le­n­efjord, shi­ning like a spot­light on and through the pie­ces of gla­cier ice near the beach, was stun­nin­gly beau­ti­ful. We collec­ted a lar­ge fishing net from the shore, lea­ving the natu­re even a bit clea­ner than we found it, and paid Wag­gon­way­breen a visit.

Time for the first gla­cier hike: we fit­ted the cram­pons to our boots, lan­ded in Schei­buk­ta and went up Schei­breen. The pen­in­su­la Reusch­hal­vøya (who knows this name?) bet­ween Mad­ga­le­n­efjord and Smee­ren­burgfjord has some qui­te impres­si­ve alpi­ne sce­ne­ry, with sharp moun­tain rid­ges and lovely gla­ciers, but it is small enough to be acces­si­ble, to some degree, wit­hin a few hours.

Fur­ther north in Smee­ren­burgfjord and a day later, we found har­bour seals and our first wal­rus­ses in pla­ces used by explo­rers and wha­lers cen­tu­ries ago. On Ytre Nor­skøya, we had a free view towards the north pole. The 80th par­al­lel was not far away, we cros­sed it during the night to set foot ashore on the rare­ly visi­ted island Mof­fen the next day. Wal­rus mad­ness on 80 degrees north! Unf­or­gett­able, and yes, and we will try to repeat this expe­ri­ence in 2016.

Gal­le­ry 2

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