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Gallery 2: Kap Brewster to Danmark Ø

Greenland 2019 with SV Anne-Margaretha

Kap Brewster to Danmark Ø: The first day off the Greenland coast brought some amazing icebergs and a lovely sunset, but we still had a good couple of miles ahead of us before we could hope for well-sheltered waters and anchorages. But we got there the next day. We made the first real contact with Greenland in Vikingebugt, on the western end of Volquart Boons Coast – a wide high plateau of basalt, reminscent of northwestern Iceland including Akureyri and thus a gentle but very pleasant transition in scenery. But the polar bear that walked around on the shore made it very clear that we were indeed in Greenland! And everything else: the first impression of the colourful flora, the glaciers, the icebergs, the general wildness of nature …

Hekla Havn on Danmark Ø provided the first really good anchorage where we could bring out shorelines and spend a night in perfect safety without icebergs – no anchor watch needed, much to everybodies relief. On land, we found a lot that was very typical Greenland: remains of Inuit winter houses, gneiss as old as the hills (well, actually much older), cotton grass and the wintering site of the 1891-92 Ryder expedition, which had a solid house and two small observatories here. Without them, we would not have any idea about the beautiful fjords surrounding Milne Land, and then we would not have any idea what to do the next couple of days ☺

Gallery 2: Kap Brewster to Danmark Ø

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