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Bear Island (28 June - 06 July 2010)

Everybody is travelling to small islands somewhere south during his holidays. So did I − for a week, I went to Bear Island (Bjørnøya), situated half-way between the north cape of Norway and the south cape of Spitsbergen. Maybe not exactly what most people would consider “the south”, but a great and highly interesting place, if you ask me.

I went forth and back over most of the island, following the coastline from the weather station in the north to the spectacular cliffs and seabird colonies in the south.

Many thanks to …

»Moby Dick III« (Gernsheimer Hochseekameradschaft)


… for getting me there and back again!

As well as to the crew of the weather staion …


… and, last but not least, a relatively friendly weather God.


A small selection of images, to get some impression.

bjornoya (gallery)

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Bear Island


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