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360° Panoramas

Mof­fen 1

Mof­fen is a small island on 80 degrees north, which is one of the rea­sons why it is rela­tively famous. It is com­ple­te­ly flat and not exact­ly an eye-cat­cher from the distance.

Mof­fen 2

Sea­wa­ter can reach most parts of Mof­fen during hea­vy storms. Most of the area is accord­in­gly vege­ta­ti­on-free. Only near the sou­thern tip, the­re is an area which is sur­pri­sin­gly green. Here, wal­rus­ses were slaugh­te­red in lar­ge num­bers during several cen­tu­ries. Thousands of bones are bleaching in the sun, and it is not exa­g­ge­ra­ted to call this place a wal­rus gra­vey­ard.

Wal­rus­ses were pro­tec­ted in Sval­bard in 1952, and sin­ce then, the popu­la­ti­on has been reco­vering slow­ly. Wal­rus­ses are com­mon­ly seen res­ting on Mof­fen. During the sum­mer, the island and sur­roun­ding waters are pro­tec­ted.


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