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Spitsbergen on board SV Antigua - The northern west coast

2012, September 21-29

Organized by the
Tallship Company

Tallship Company

This voyage was under the title “photography”, based on the special light that you can get with a bit of luck late in the seaon – the polar night was at that time closer than the midnight sun days!

Tre Kroner

And good light is what we got, no doubt. And more than that, we were also lucky enough to see quite some amazing wildlife, more than you should expect within one week’s time. A very enjoyable week, indeed!

Triplog (2,3 MB)

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To make the overview easier, the following selection of photos is organized in 3 individual galleries, each one representing two days of the trip.

Photo album

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Group photos

Group photo 1

Group photo 1 (Download large image file)

Group photo 2

Group photo 2 (Download large image file)


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