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East Greenland with the Opal

07-16th September 2013

We had the great pleasure to explore Scoresbysund in East Greenland with the Icelandic two-mast schooner Ópal on two trips in 2013. And these two trips will not be the last ones, that is for sure. We expect our next trips in East Greenland with Ópal in 2015. Here now photo galleries, a video/slideshow and a first impression of the good ship Ópal in shape of a panorama photograph.

Before the group came up to Scoresbysund, some days in Tasiilaq, further south on Greenland’s east coast, were also part of the trip, including visiting the inland ice and some fantastic whale watching with Humpback whales with Greenlandic hunters. But as I haven’t been with the group for these first days (I was already on Ópal in Scoresbysund with the first group), I can’t document it here. But to get a good idea of the trip, you have to bear in mind that this first part was part of it.

Triplog, pdf-file (German, approx. 14.5 MB)

Photo album

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Group photos


Group photo 1 (Download large image file)


Group photo 2 (Download large image file)




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East Greenland with Opal, from 07th to 16th September 2013


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