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Photo-Gallery East Greenland

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From Rødeø, we continued northwards through the beautiful Rødefjord, deep in Scoresbysund. In Snesund, another branch, we could experience a small, but lovely glacier from nearest distance, even making some steps on it for those who wanted to, while Ópal was taking freshwater from a crystal-clear meltwater stream. Yes, if you were wondering, why the ship is “beached” in the video, that’s why, it was not an accident, but intended. The ship is very strong, no problem, and this way it is easy to use a hose and get the water. And you can actually get off and on the ship without the Zodiac 🙂 but it is admittedly a bit of a climb, so not everybody went that way.

In Rypefjord, we observed muskoxen and had a rather crazy bonfire in falling snow, crazy, but an unforgettable evening, very arctic! We then continued the journey through the mighty Øfjord back to the east, making another stop at the islands of Bjørneøer (“Bear Islands”), enjoying some more fantastic views, before we continued to Ittoqqortoormiit.

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