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Befo­re actual­ly tra­ve­ling to the Arc­tic or Ant­arc­tic, it can be nice to get some impres­si­ons or just dream away with some vide­os, pan­ora­mas and web­cams that pro­du­ce up-to-date image. Through this site, you can access one of the lar­gest public collec­tions of polar images of all sorts and from many dif­fe­rent are­as

The vide­os have impres­si­ons from some of my tours in the polar regi­ons, they com­bi­ne both pho­tos and video clips.

The web­cams have regu­lar­ly updated images from several loca­ti­ons in Spits­ber­gen. The simp­le map shows whe­re the respec­ti­ve image comes from, geo­gra­phi­cal­ly.

The pan­ora­mas are a gro­wing collec­tion of most­ly 360 degree pan­or­amic images from Arc­tic and Ant­arc­tic. They inclu­de pan­ora­mas from remo­te and rare­ly visi­ted are­as such as the Ross Sea in Ant­arc­ti­ca and the sub­ant­arc­tic South Sand­wich Islands. The 360 degree panos from the South Sand­wich Islands are the very first ones ever taken in this archi­pe­la­go! Many more are­as are repre­sen­ted, as of cour­se Spits­ber­gen (Sval­bard) with a rather sub­stan­ti­al pan­ora­ma (and con­ven­tio­nal image) libra­ry. Pan­ora­mas from Scores­by­sund in east Green­land are cur­r­ent­ly the latest addi­ti­on from the Arc­tic.


By the way:

New book

my new book is in print and it can now be orde­red 🙂 it is a pho­to book with the tit­le “Nor­we­gens ark­ti­scher Nor­den (3): Die Bären­in­sel und Jan May­en”, with Ger­man text Click here for fur­ther details!


This and other publishing products of the Spitsbergen publishing house in the Spitsbergen-Shop.

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