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Raudfjord: Bruceneset

360° PanoTour

Raudfjord – Bruce­ne­set as a vir­tu­al pan­or­amic tour


Raudfjord: Bruce­ne­set, Raudfjor­dhyt­ta

The old hut Raudfjor­dhyt­ta at Bruce­ne­set has got one of the nicest views you can ima­gi­ne. From here, you can look over the who­le of Raudfjord. A red beach with drift­wood is stret­ching under a blue sky.

Raudfjord: Bruce­ne­set, Raudfjor­dhyt­ta

Stock­holm-Sven lived in Raudfjord for many years, he built a num­ber of huts. In 1934-35, his nea­rest neigh­bours were Chris­tia­ne and Her­mann Rit­ter and Karl Niko­lai­sen, who were win­te­ring at Gråhu­ken in Woodfjord. In her famous book “A woman in the polar night”, Chris­tia­ne Rit­ter descri­bes how they want to visit Stock­holm-Sven in his hut at Vel­komstpyn­ten on Reins­dyr­flya, but he was not at home.

Raudfjord: Bruce­ne­set

Hun­ter had win­te­red in Raudfjord befo­re Stock­holm-Sven came in the 1920s. Erik Mat­ti­las from Trom­sø, a well-known skip­per in his days, win­te­red here in 1907-08.

Raudfjord: Bruce­ne­set

This time, it went wrong, and it was to be Erik Mat­ti­las’ last win­te­ring. He did from scur­vy in spring 1908. His gra­ve with a woo­den cross is on top of the litt­le hill at Bruce­ne­set – it is hard to ima­gi­ne a gra­ve more lone­seo­me or more beau­ti­ful.

Raudfjord: Solan­derfjel­let

A litt­le moun­tain hike in Raudfjord on a fair­wea­ther day like this is Spits­ber­gen at its best. An alti­tu­de of 334 metres is enough for the grea­test views. In the east, we are loo­king over Richard­vat­net, one of Spitsbergen’s big­gest lakes, and towards a lagoon land­s­cape near the outer coast. In the west, the­re is Raudfjord clo­se to us. Its wes­tern shore, on the oppo­si­te side, is rug­ged, steep and gla­cia­ted. Com­pa­red to that, the eas­tern shore, which is our side, is almost lovely, it is open enough to go hiking and get lost in this sce­ne­ry.


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