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Pyramiden: Culture House

360° panorama

The big, old Culture House is standing at the end of the Prospekt (Avenue). Of course, activities within culture and sports were of vital importance for a small, isolated community, especially during the long polar night. But beyond this, the Culture House used to be a central and very important place in any settlement of Sovjet cultural imprint. It used to be centrally located and a large, representative building with good facilities. There were a large stage for theatre, concerts and cinema, library sports hall and exercise room.

The sports hall is also part of this sovjet-style culture house.

Pyramiden was abandoned in 1998. In 1997 and 1998, I did a couple of long hiking tours in Dickson Land (the large land area around Pyramiden). After finishing the tour in Pyramiden, it was not unusual to play football with the locals here in the sports hall – with heavy hiking boots, of course we didn’t have anything else 🙂

The sports hall from a central perspective. Note the floor (move the pano view down).

An 1980s style exercise room. No wellness center, but a lot of heavy iron weights. Probably the real thing for any Schwarzenegger-fan, others may rather consider this a torture chamber.

Exercise room.

On the first floor, there were a well-stocked library and several rooms where music, dancing and theater were practiced.

The stairs leading up from the entrance hall to the second floor.

Several practice rooms were available on the second floor of the Culture House to learn artistic skills within music, theatre and dancing.

One of several rooms on the second floor of the culture house.

In 2018, work started to put parts of the culture house back into use. In the future, we may again be able to enjoy concerts and film festivals here.

Cinematograph room with old film material, partly spread out on the floor. I wonder if it could be saved? Imagine a cinema evening here in the Culture Hous with the same films that they used to see back then!


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