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Spitsbergen 07-25 August 2020 with Arctica II

Part 1: from Isfjord to northwest Spitsbergen

SY Arctica II, Fuglefjord

Arc­ti­ca II in Fuglefjord.

The first lan­ding was alrea­dy on the first evening, fol­lo­wed by a long day in For­landsund. We worked our way north to Ny-Åle­sund and to the nor­thwest cor­ner of Spits­ber­gen, to Dans­køya, Ams­ter­damøya and into Fuglefjord.

Then we had to make a decisi­on. The wea­ther fore­cast sug­gested eit­her to hide some­whe­re for a cou­p­le of days. Or to take of, fast and far, to the east.

Harbour seals, Danskøya

Har­bour seals at Dans­køya.

Pho­to gal­le­ry 1: From Isfjord to nor­thwest Spits­ber­gen

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