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Blomstrandhalvøya: Irgensfjellet

360° panoramas

Irgensfjel­let is an ele­va­ti­on of 385 metres and thus the hig­hest “moun­tain” on Blom­strand­hal­vøya in Kongsfjord. The ele­va­ti­on is of cour­se modest, but the view is nevertheless impres­siv. Kongsfjord is famous for the sce­ne­ry, and on a nice day with good wea­ther, the pan­ora­ma is abso­lute­ly glo­rious!

The view is espe­cial­ly good to the north. You can see Blom­strand­ham­na with several small islands (bird reser­ves!) and the gla­cier Blom­strand­breen. This gla­cier con­nec­ted Blom­strand­hal­vøya to main­land Spits­ber­gen until it retrea­ted in the late 1980s. This exp­lains the name: “hal­vøya” means pen­in­su­la. The name is still used, altough Blom­strand­hal­vøya is clear­ly an island today.

Pano 1 – Blom­strand­hal­vøya: Irgensfjel­let

The second-hig­hest ele­va­ti­on on Blom­strand­hal­vøya is Brat­lie­kol­len, from whe­re you have a gre­at view espe­cial­ly to the south.

Pano 2 – Blom­strand­hal­vøya: Irgensfjel­let


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