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The big crossing, part 3: Spitsbergen

Lofoten – Bear Island – Spitsbergen with SV Antigua – 22nd Mai – 03rd June, 2016

Spitsbergen! Home, sweet home sheltered bays, stunning scenery, short distances … things are different now, much to our favour. Amost all fjords offer sheltered beaches, varied impressions, little hikes, wildlife. Sunny scenic beauty in Hornsund, good scenery and more in Bellsund, walrus madness on the west coast, post-sovjet-style propaganda beauty in Barentsburg, even more scenery, tundra, wildlife … in Ymerbukta, in Borebukta, in Tempelfjorden … and, and, and. I could write a book about the trip (actually, we did – the triplog), but there is not enough time now, time is scarce, the arctic summer is always hectic. It has been a good trip, even without a polar bear (we can’t seriously count the 0.5 pixel polar bear in Van Mijenfjord, it was invisible for most people). Five days in Spitsbergen are not too much time, you need a bit of luck for a good sighting, and we just did not have it this time – you always have to leave something for next time. Other than that … lots of great stuff!

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