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Longyearbyen - Nye gruve 2 (Julenissegruve or Father Christmas mine)

360° panoramas

Mine 2b or the “Nye gruve 2” (new mine 2) is on the slope of Gruvefjellet above Nybyen.

According to the tradition, Father Christmas lives in mine 2b, at least during the Advent season. Hence, Nye gruve 2 is also known as Julenissegruve (Father Christmas mine).

At this time, there is a postbox on the side of the road near mine 2b. Here, children can send their letters to Father Christmas. There is a light burning up there in the mine, where the old man with the long beard and the red jacket is busy reading all those letters …

This happens at the beginning of the Advent season, when families and children traditionally have a torchlight progression from Huset to the postbox under mine 2b and then to the centre of Longyearbyen to light the large Christmas tree that is standing there.


last modification: 2019-03-07 · copyright: Rolf Stange