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Daily Archives: 26. May 2008 − News & Stories

Per­ma­frost on Mars

The news of the suc­cessful landing of the NASA space­craft “Phoe­nix” on Mars on 25 May 2008 went around the world. Now, images have been published that show sur­face struc­tures that resem­ble frost pat­ter­ned ground which is com­mon in the Arc­tic. The stone rings shown in the NASA images are not per­ma­frost struc­tures: their deve­lo­p­ment does not requi­re per­ma­frost, but fre­quent and strong free­zing and tha­wing. But more important­ly, they requi­re water/ice for their for­ma­ti­on. 
The NASA images.

Stone rings in Spits­ber­gen (Wood­fjord).

Permafrost on Mars

Source: NASA


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