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Daily Archives: 17. August 2010 − News & Stories

Reinde­er hunt

The annu­al reinde­er hun­ting sea­son was ope­ned August 15. The hun­ting are­as are limi­t­ed and the num­ber of ani­mals taken is con­trol­led. The popu­la­ti­on bet­ween Sas­send­a­len and Grøn­da­len, whe­re the hun­ting are­as are loca­ted, has been on the decrease during the last 5 years and the­re has been a low num­ber of cal­ves this year.

Reinde­er calf and cow in Toda­len, late June 2010.

Reindeer hunt

Source: Sys­sel­mann


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