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Daily Archives: 18. January 2011 − News & Stories

No permanent research station in Billefjorden

Skottehytte („Scottish hut“) in Billefjord has been used by Polish scientists for fieldwork regularly since 1984. In 2008, the Sysselmannen has announced not to give further permission for this kind of use; the reason being that the hut, which is owned by the hunting and fishing society in Longyearbyen, was so full with equipment that it could hardly be used by others anymore.

The Poles have then applied for permission to establish a new, permanent base near the old hut. The application was turned down to protect the wilderness character of the area and because it is general policy that science shall mainly be carried out from existing infrastructure.
Poland is the only country that has several research facilities outside the settlements: the Hornsund station, an outlier 12 kilometres northwest of it, the smaller station at Kaffiøyra (Forlandsund) and a summer-base in one of the historical huts in Calypsobyen (Recherchefjord).

Skottehytta, Billefjord

Source: Svalbardposten


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