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Daily Archives: 25. November 2011 − News & Stories

High levels of envi­ron­men­tal toxins in Glau­cous gulls

First results of fiel­dwork for a mas­ter the­sis by Anja Johan­sen Hau­ge­rud show that glau­cous gulls in Spits­ber­gen are still suf­fe­ring from envi­ron­men­tal toxins. Sam­ples taken in Kongsfjord in 2010 and 2011 were found to have high levels of sub­s­tan­ces such as PFC, PCB, PFAS which are used for examp­le in imp­reg­na­ti­on for out­door clot­hing, fire extin­guis­hing foams and sur­face finis­hing of fry­ing pans and coo­king pots and assu­med to have nega­ti­ve effects on, amongst others, the hor­mo­ne sys­tem.

Glau­cous gull in Spits­ber­gen

High levels of environmental toxins in Glaucous gulls - data-lazy-src=


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