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Helicopter traffic in Spitsbergen

Helicopter landings outside the official airfields are principally not allowed and can only be carried out with special permission from the Sysselmannen. Now figures have been published to illustrate helicopter landings in the field in 2011: the total number was no less than 2403. Out of these, 1729 were connected to mining and mineral exploration, 335 were in the context of science. Administrative helicopter use, which can safely be assumed to be substantial, is not included.

Permissions for touristic helicopter use are principally not given.

Overview of landings in the field over the whole Spitsbergen archipelago in 2011. Traffic hot spots were, as could be expected, the potential gold field in St. Jonsfjord and the new coal mine at Lunckefjellet. But a large number of landings has also taken place anywhere, including the remotest, otherwise strictly protected areas. (Map © Sysselmannen på Svalbard)

Helicopter traffic in Spitsbergen - Helicopter landings in the field

Source: Sysselmannen

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