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Daily Archives: 26. January 2014 − News & Stories

Bar­ents­burg: coal mine re-opens after acci­dents in 2013

Coal pro­duc­tion can now start to con­ti­nue in the Rus­si­an mine in Bar­ents­burg. In 2013, workers were kil­led or inju­red in a seri­es of 3 serious acci­dents, after which Nor­we­gi­an aut­ho­ri­ties fined the Rus­si­an mining com­pa­ny with NOK 1.3 mil­li­on (about Euro 155,000) and clo­sed the mine tem­pora­ri­ly. In April 2013, one miner was kil­led in a block fall. In June, one was kil­led by fal­ling stones and in Sep­tem­ber, one lost a leg after ano­t­her acci­dent. The mine was sub­se­quent­ly clo­sed due to the gene­ral­ly low safe­ty level.

Sin­ce then, the Trust has fol­lo­wed Nor­we­gi­an advice to incre­a­se the safe­ty in the mine. Now, the Nor­we­gi­ans have got the impres­si­on that the situa­ti­on is impro­ving and have given per­mis­si­on to re-open the mine.

Coal pro­duc­tion was alrea­dy stop­ped in Bar­ents­burg in 2008 after a fire in the mine fore more than 2 years.

Bar­ents­burg: coal mine per­mit­ted to re-open after acci­dents in 2013.


Source: Bar­ents­ob­ser­ver


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