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Daily Archives: 30. March 2015 − News & Stories

Joy­ous news from the Habi­tat Res­to­ra­ti­on Pro­ject in South Geor­gia

Good news from the Habi­tat Res­to­ra­ti­on Pro­ject in South Geor­gia in the news sec­tion of the ant­arc­tic coun­ter­part of this web­site (click here).

Sea­b­irds near South Geor­gia: thanks to the Habi­tat Res­to­ra­ti­on Pro­ject, popu­la­ti­ons espe­cial­ly of smal­ler spe­ci­es can be expec­ted to incre­a­se signi­fi­cant­ly in years to come.

Seabirds near South Georgia


The stiff bree­ze from last night has evol­ved into a solid storm by now. The wea­ther has been rather ins­ta­ble recent­ly, fluc­tua­ting from clear, cold, calm win­ter days through snow storms to warm air inva­si­ons with tem­pe­ra­tures even abo­ve zero and back, all wit­hin a week, more than once. Godt inne­vær, as the Nor­we­gi­ans say: good insi­de wea­ther, good to be at home. Which is also nice. And I have to get some work done, some books need to be writ­ten (yes, I am still doing that). And when you get a visi­tor as lovely as this, it can’t be boring any­way 🙂

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.


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