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Daily Archives: 18. September 2015 − News & Stories

Wal­rus­ses and Har­bour seals – 18th Sep­tem­ber 2015

It would be nice to see some wild­life today. Spits­ber­gen is not a zoo, but it is allo­wed to have some hopes. And some­ti­mes one is lucky. So were we today. The wal­rus­ses on Ams­ter­damøya were the­re just as we had been hoping for. The fox the­re was even bet­ter. It had been hiding and slee­ping under a big old wha­le­bo­ne, and I had been stan­ding next to it for a while wit­hout see­ing it – and sud­den­ly it was the­re and went its way.

Pho­to Smee­ren­burg – 18th Sep­tem­ber 2015


Also the har­bour seals were at home just as we had been hoping for. Spits­ber­gen can be a fri­end­ly place.

Pho­to Vir­go­ham­na – 18th Sep­tem­ber 2015


Ytre Nor­skøya can also be fri­end­ly, but usual­ly it isn’t. Usual­ly, the­re is a strong wind blo­wing, low clouds, a polar bear on the beach, or some­thing like that.

Pho­to Ytre Nor­skoya – 18th Sep­tem­ber 2015 – 1/2


Not that we would mind see­ing a polar bear, but the­re was none today. So we went up Zeeussche Uyt­kyk, the old wha­lers’ loo­kout point with a free view to the north pole.

Pho­to Ytre Nor­skoya – 18th Sep­tem­ber 2015 – 2/2


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