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Avalanche in Longyearbyen: evacuation partly lifted

Some of the people who were evacuated from their homes in Longyearbyen during the weekend could now return, even though normal life will probably a long way away for most, if not all, considering the circumstances.

The evacuation has been lifted in the following addresses and inhabitants can return to their homes:

Vei 230 nr. 29, 31, 33, 35, 37 and 39. The old hospital. Nybyen and the road to Nybyen. The way from Hilmar Rekstens Vei up to the lowermost Spisshusene in Vei 230 can be used.

For all further areas, evaluation is going on. But inhabitants have the opportunity to return to their homes briefly today between 12 and 14 hours to get their most important personal belongings (checkin and checkout required).

The actual avalanche area and houses damaged by the avalanche remain closed and cannot be entered.

Many have seen the “Spisshusene” like this in the summer and enjoyed the view. It will never be the same again. The mountain on the left side is Sukkertoppen, the avalanche started on the slope behind the old coal cableway (taubane).

Longyearbyen avalanche

Source: Sysselmannen

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