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Daily Archives: 6. October 2017 − News & Stories

Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: the stories behind 2 months

The September-page of our Spitsbergen-calendar 2018

Spitzbergen-Kalender 2018: September. Walrusses and polar fox

Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: September. Walrusses and polar fox.

… shows a group of walrusses on the beach at Smeerenburg on Amsterdamøya doing what walrusses do best: sleeping and digesting mussels. While we keep a respectful distance of a good 30 m in order not to disturb the walrusses during their nap, a cheeky polar fox which does not care about regulations and distances runs directly next to the walrusses! Who could not care less about the polar fox.

The polar fox left as quickly and unexpectedly as it came, and only this snapshot remains from the memorable encounter.

And the October-page …

Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: October. Bråsvellbreen, Nordaustland from a bird's eye view.

Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: October. Bråsvellbreen, Nordaustland from a bird’s eye view.

… shows Bråsvellbreen. This mighty glacier belongs to the ice cap of Austfonna on Nordaustland. The size is overwhelming, the ice cap has a total area of about 8500 square kilometres! The glacier Bråsvellbreen is only a small part of that. It is well-known for the waterfalls that are cascading down the ice cliff during the melting season. Here, we see it from a bird’s eye perspective!

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