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Daily Archives: 12. November 2017 − News & Stories

Spitsbergen-calender 2018: the east coast

In February, the Spitsbergen-calendar 2018 takes us to the east coast. In the winter season, this is a popular destination for snowmobile day-trips, enabling relatively many people to see this grand winter scenery. Storfjorden is frozen to fast ice here in Mohnbukta, and some smaller bits and pieces of glacier ice are stuck in the ice. They broke off last summer from the combined glacier fronts of Königsbergbreen/Hayesbreen/Heuglinbreen, of which we can see a small part in the background.

It is quite common that polar bears are roaming through this icy landscape. We will see if we are lucky enough to spot them somewhere later …

The sun is just starting to rise above the horizon in Spitsbergen in mid-February, and the days are still short. It is still too early for longer trips. But the light can be breathtakingly beautiful!

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2018: February. Ice-landscape on the east coast

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2018: February. Ice-landscape on the east coast.


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