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Daily Archives: 19. December 2017 − News & Stories

More evacuations on the anniversary of the 2015 avalanche in Longyearbyen

Update (21 December): The weather has calmed down again and after checking relevant avalanche-prone slopes, the authorities have decided to lift the traffic ban that was implemented on Monday.
The evacuations from last week, concerning the upper row of houses in Lia, remains in force until further notice (end of update).

It seems almost strange: exactly 2 years after the fatal avalanche in Longyearbyen, the weather forecast for today (19 December) seems almost exactly the same as it was just before snow masses killed two people in their homes on 19 December, 2015. Winds up to 20 m/s from southeasterly directions and strong precipitation are expected during the evening.

For tonight, a commemoration ceremony was scheduled for the victims of the fatal 2015 avalanche. But it seems as if many people’s attention will rather be demanded by today’s situation and events. Some days ago, the Sysselmannen had already issued an order to evacuate parts of Longyearbyen. This was to be in force on 22 December and based on the general avalanche risk, rather than the actual weather and avalanche situation. After new weather forecasts were released, this measure came into force already yesterday (18 December) at 22 p.m.

At the same time, the evacuation zone was extended to include more houses in Lia, the part of Longyearbyen that was hit in 2015 (“Spisshusene”, the coloured wooden houses between the centre and the mountain Sukkertoppen) and parts of Nybyen (all houses on the east side of the road).

The evacuations are in force until further notice. Some addresses may not be accessible for months.

Evacuations Longyearbyen 2017 avalanche risk

Large parts of Nybyen and Lia in Longyearbyen are now evacuated because of the current and general avalanche risk.


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