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Daily Archives: 24. July 2018 − News & Stories

Horn­sund – 24 July 2018

The wind that blew through Horn­sund last night was quite impres­si­ve and our first ancho­ra­ge in Gås­ham­na was not real­ly shel­te­red. Both anchors were on the ground but drag­ging as the wind picked even fur­ther up, so we had to repo­si­ti­on in the midd­le of the night, a rather lively affair with litt­le sleep.


At least it was calm in the mor­ning, so we could go ashore in Adria­buk­ta wit­hout pro­blems. Soon, howe­ver, the wind picked up again, this time from the wrong direc­tion, so we made sure we got back to the ship befo­re we might end up in trou­ble. It was rai­ny and fog­gy any­way.


Deep in inner­most Horn­sund, it was nice and clear, so we could enjoy some gre­at views of the gla­ciers and moun­ta­ins the­re.

An impres­si­ve coll­ec­tion of ice­bergs pro­vi­ded the final high­light of the day, which had been grey and wet, but still beau­tiful, in its very own way.


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