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Daily Archives: 11. September 2018 − News & Stories

Isfjord – 11 Sep­tem­ber 2018

It was high time to take off again, to get water under the keel and wind around the masts! We got a good bit of both as we went on board SV Anti­gua today. The­re was a fair bree­ze blo­wing out of Advent­da­len, the sun was shi­ning from a blue sky. Late after­noon, we left the small pier in Lon­gye­ar­by­en, and up went the sails!


Up went the sails! This time towards the west and north coast of Spits­ber­gen.


From Advent­da­len into the Isfjord.

It was a beau­tiful bit of real sai­ling out of Advent­fjord and through most of Isfjord. Many peo­p­le on board have been on Spits­ber­gen a num­ber of times befo­re, so it should real­ly be a very inte­res­t­ing trip!


Gre­at guests and atmo­sphe­re on board!

The first evening made clear what Sep­tem­ber in Spits­ber­gen is all about: warm light from the low sun, stun­ning sce­n­ery and even a Blue wha­le which waved with its flu­ke.

Blue whale, Isfjord

A Blue wha­le, the big­gest ani­mal on earth…

We pas­sed the wide pla­teau of Fuglef­jel­la, Gru­mant­by­en, Coles­buk­ta. Moun­ta­ins and gla­ciers on the other side in the north, Alkef­jel­let under the bright sun ahead of us. Ama­zing beau­ty whe­re­ver you loo­ked!





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