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Kap Brewster – 29th/30th August 2019

Yesterday (Thursday) morning the Greenland coast came into view, the mountains south of Scoresbysund, called the Blosseville Coast. What looked like individual mountains – or icebergs, as some initially thought – then turned out to be a long, continuous chain of rugged mountains and glaciers. Some large icebergs were drifting off this wild coast, the wind had calmed down, the sun came out. A group of humpback whales blew in the distance, one of them even breached, and later, dolphins were jumping next to us a couple of times. Probably white-beaked dolphins.

Gallery – Kap Brewster – 29th/30th August 2019

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Welcome to Greenland!

But we were not quite there yet, it is still a bit to go to the north until we can turn into Scoresbysund. We skip the thought of visiting the Blosseville Coast and anchoring there somewhere sheltered. The next wind is not far away, and it is better to get into the Scoresbysund before it is coming too close. So we keep moving again through the night, shifting every 30 minutes on the wheel. The wind is picking up again, things are getting more lively on board, the speed is going down to a mere 3-4 knots, increasing again later … and finally, late morning on Friday, we can turn west, around Kap Brewster and into Scoresbysund!

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