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Daily Archives: 10. August 2021 − News & Stories

St. Jonsfjord – 10th August 2021

For­landsund tur­ned out to be fog­gy and a bit win­dy today, so we deci­ded to have a look at St. Jonsfjord. Talk about right place and right time! Full sunshi­ne on the beau­ti­ful gla­cier sce­ne­ry in the inner part of the fjord. Many ber­gy bits on the water from the 2 pret­ty acti­ve gla­ciers in the area. One of them is cur­r­ent­ly advan­cing; the posi­ti­on that we had reached in 2019 is cove­r­ed by the gla­cier now. The other, neigh­bou­ring one is, howe­ver, retrea­ting, as most of Spitsbergen’s gla­ciers the­se days.

We mar­vel­led at this stun­ning sce­ne­ry from all per­spec­ti­ves we could think of: from a per­fect­ly pla­ced moun­tain ridge, from sea level and from a litt­le island that has only very recent­ly emer­ged from the gla­cier. Bet not too many peop­le had been the­re befo­re us!


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