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Daily Archives: 1. November 2012 − News & Stories

Norwegian foreign minister about arctic oil and gas

The Norwegian foreign minister Espen Barth Eide has recently said clearly what he thinks about the future of arctic oil and gas exploitation. According to him, the question of environmental protection is restricted to a solely technical issue, but without further political relevance. The idea of leaving arctic oil and gas in the ground is not a relevant question.

The following quotations (translated from German) are sufficient to get an understanding of the message of the Norwegian minister:

  • “The exploitation of arctic resources will take place.”
  • “If you drill responsibly, then there should not be any problems.”
  • “Some people have the wrong perception, that the Arctic is a global heritage as the Antarctic.”
  • “We do not need specific regulations as in Antarctica. The region is not unique, compared to other open sea areas.”

Oil riggs in the North Sea.

Norwegian foreign minister about arctic oil and gas - Oil riggs

The complete interview can be read in German on Spiegel Online..


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