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Longyearbyen CO2 neutral?

Will Longyearbyen be Norway’s first CO2 settlement? This is the vision of a group of scientists within UNIS (University in Longyearbyen). The geology around Longyearbyen seems suitable for long-term storage of large amounts of CO2 (CCS, carbon capture and storage): porous sandstones are able to host large volumes of volatiles (liquids, gas), and overlying layers of fine-grained sediments seal this natural storage off to prevent volatiles from escaping into the atmosphere. First tests with water instead of gas went well.

The next step should be to press a larger volume of CO2 into the ground in Adventdalen, where the test sited is situated, to test the suitability of the sediments under more realistic conditions. There are three options: separating CO22

The “CO2.

Longyearbyen CO2 neutral? CO2-lab, Adventdalen

Source: Aftenposten

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