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Arctic expeditions 2014: Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen

House news: we will offer 4 exciting arctic voyages in 2014, to Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen.

The expedition to Jan Mayen has been in a planning stage for quite some time, but the details are almost finalized so the trip can be booked soon. If you have already contacted me about the Jan Mayen expedition 2014, then you will get a message the next days before the final details go public on the website.

We will also run 3 trips in Spitsbergen: two with SV Antigua, one in high summer in late July/August and one in September. And in August, we want to offer “advanced Spitsbergen”: with a small sailing boat and a small group (about 10 passengers) to the remote parts of Svalbard. For those who are out for a very intimate, active experience of nature and excellent photographic opportunities, including wildlife. The Spitsbergen voyages are expected to be German speaking, but for those of you who speak a bit of German and are not afraid of a bunch of Germans/Swiss, please have a look at the more detailed descriptions for the Arctic 2014!

Sunset on the west coast of Spitsbergen, September 2012.

Sunset, west coast of Spitsbergen, September

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